Avail the SAP Courses at highly subsidized rates through SAP Student Academy Learning Hub

SAP Student Academy Learning Hub

Of 1.4 million new computing jobs in India in 2018, more than half could go unfilled because candidates will not possess the sufficient education and qualifications.

The student edition of SAP Learning Hub is a learning portal that provides access to a comprehensive range of learning content on SAP solutions. At a fixed subscription fee, universities can purchase access for their students. Through SAP Learning Hub, student edition, students can prepare for future employment on their chosen career path or prepare for SAP certification exams. With a wide range of high-quality content and optional live access to training systems from SAP, students will be set up to train when and where they choose.

Every big data-related role in Asia Pacific will create employment for three people outside of IT, so a total of 4 million jobs in Asia Pacific. However, only one third of the IT roles will be filled due to lack of skills in big data.

Gartner, 2013

SAP Learning Hub, student edition, provides cloud-based learning with access to over 145 courses in various subject-matter areas at a lower entry price point

SAP @ Jai Bharath

Jai Bharath Educational Foundation established in 2002 is owned and managed by Jai Bharath Trust. Now Jai Bharath Educational Foundation got an achievement that being the first and only SAP learning hub in Kerala. Students of the all institution under the Jai Bharath Educational Foundation can claim all the benefits of SAP learning hub.

The student edition of the SAP® Learning Hub site can help your students gain a competitive advantage to build a career in SAP solutions. It provides a personalized portal with instant online access to a vast body of knowledge about SAP solutions, including courses on the SAP HANA® platform, mobile solutions, and more.


  • Heighten your students’ competitiveness in today’s global job market
  • Close the gap between academics and industry requirements
  • Give students a strong foundation in using SAP software to support them in careers at SAP, SAP partner companies, or companies running SAP solutions
  • Provide an efficient, cost-effective learning environment to update, delve deeply, evaluate, and explore innovation


  • On-demand access to the most current SAP course handbooks, e-learning courses, expert videos, and Webinars
  • Unlimited access to dynamic, expert-led social learning and community discussions
  • Optional access to training systems via the SAP Live Access environment
  • Frequently updated content with new learning opportunities


  • Differentiate students in a competitive global job market
  • Prepare students with new process knowledge
  • Provide a cost-effective way for students to prepare for SAP certification exams
  • Deliver access to SAP learning materials at a reasonable price

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